Water recycling is gaining interest as the value of water increases and the concept of dumping water becomes less acceptable, politically and economically.  Water-intensive manufacturing, petroleum and other refining processes, residential wastewater, and oilfield (especially fracking) all have the potential for at least partial recycling of water.


A more cost-effective and reliable process for water recycling is needed in the immediate future.  To date, no one company or technology has been able to address the need for the diverse nature of contaminated water and the ability to recycle.  ARANA Water Technologies, LLC has the answers for waste water recycling - oilfield, refining, industrial, municipal, and residential.

         The patented processes of ARANA create maximum levels of advanced oxidation to most effectively and economically treat / recycle waste water.  Advanced oxidation treats water in various ways: 1.) attacks microorganisms on a cellular level, destroying cellular walls to ensure thorough, complete sterilization; 2.) rearranges the molecular structure of harmful chemicals such as arsenic and cyanide to create inert byproducts; 3.) coagulates contaminants such as metals and non-soluble organics to remove them via the economical process of ultra filtration; 4.) does all of this on a molecular level in a chemical-free “green” manner.  The ARANA processes have a long history of treating multiple types of industrial wastewater and contaminated water to the intended levels, from environmentally friendly disposal standards to drinking water standards.  The ARANA systems can be virtually any size to handle any volume of water in a fixed location, and are portable up to approximately 1,100 cubic meters per day capacity per system.



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