To combine all aspects of the ARANA technologies in a comprehensive system of wastewater effluent gas treatment and wastewater treatment would allow a municipality to offer its citizens the most economical and ecologically safe wastewater system possible.  The ARANA system would save money while delivering sterilized and/or purified water available for any use desired.  ARANA Water Technologies, LLC can install and operate (and train others) its patented chemical-free, green, economical wastewater treatment systems that are finally a long-term solution to municipal wastewater treatment and recycling.


Waste Water

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    Currently, municipalities primarily utilize several stages of settling, filtration, aeration, and some sort of sterilization process to treat wastewater before release into whatever discharge water is available.  The removal of trash and large contaminants to a particular size will still need to occur, but where aeration, oxidation, and sterilization stages take large amounts of the treatment process, both in equipment, space, time, and costs, an ARANA system will greatly improve the process, basically of the back end of waste water treatment.


    ARANA can either sterilize and treat the water to grey water standards, to discharge water standards, or to drinking water standards.  Drinking water standards will have higher operational costs but are easily attained and likely within a municipality’s budget, especially considering the drought situation in many areas, and health considerations from releases of wastewater.