OG-A series ozone generators use dual half-period microsecond pulsed dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) with sub-microsecond rise-time of the voltage pulse. Ozone generators can be used in the processes of water and air purification. All OG-A series ozone generators have analog input for external control by a timer or a computer. If the external signal not present then ozone generator stays in turned on state. OG-A series ozone generators designed to be used for air purification (living quarters or refrigeration rooms) can be equipped with integrated timer per customer request.


A-Series ozone generators are optimized to work on non-dryed air (atmospheric air with natural humidity). Electrical circuit parameters are chosen in such a way that after breakdown and temporary shielding, the current impulse continues due to continuously growing voltage. Streamer current extends and its duration becomes noticeably longer than typical time for DBD discharge, reaching hundreds of nanoseconds. In this situation the major energy is released during the time of streamer propagation when  electric field in the gap is gap is high, later the energy release is significantly reduced.


Such conditions are very favorable for ozone generation in humid air because in lower electric fields ozone dissociation (defining NOX regeneration) and probability of water dissociation (defining OH radical generation) reduces significantly faster then probability of oxygen dissociation, which in turn defines ozone production.

This way, the circuit parameter selection allows to reach high ozone concentrations for humid air up to 10 - 15 g/m3 with low energy consumption of 20 - 40 kWhr/kg of ozone. Moreover, optimal selection of the temperature of ozone generation chamber (greater than 50C) allows to minimize the depositions on the walls of the chamber and reach ozone generator chamber life time of several years without degradation of its properties and chamber maintenance.


This is impossible for classic DBD based ozone generators and generators based on pulsed corona discharge. A-Series ozone generators compact and the the models are available with ozone production rate 1 - 20 g/hr. The table below shows main specification of OG-A series ozone generators.

A-Series common specification

  • Nominal ozone concentration, g/m3 (lbs/ft3): 5 (3.1×10-4)
  • Maximum ozone concentration, g/m3 (lbs/ft3): 15 (9.3×10-4)
  •  Gauge pressure in the generator chamber, atm (PSIG): ±0.2 (±3)