ARANA has patented a revolutionary process that sterilizes water, oxidizes many contaminants and organics, flocculates other contaminants for easier filtration, and does so in an environmentally friendly, chemical free, green manner.


ARANA Water Technologies, LLC physicists and engineers have developed and patented a unique process which combines several proven water treatment technologies into one reaction chamber to treat drinking and various types of wastewater in the most cost effective, least energy consumptive, and most environmentally friendly manner possible.  The primary byproduct from ARANA’s combined process, called the “3 in 1” process is oxygen.


ARANA "3 in 1"




ARANA "3 in 1"

The ARANA “3 in 1” system has been proven to work in multiple tests in ARANA’s laboratories, is further authenticated by Texas A&M University, and is currently successfully in operation in multiple locations in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Asia.  The technology is scalable and can treat millions of gallons of water more effectively and cost effectively than any known technologies.


The ARANA system is proven to use approximately one tenth the energy of comparable large scale water treatment systems with approximately four times the removal of organic contaminants compared to other non-chemical water treatment technologies.


For treatment of water from open sources (lakes, rivers, etc.) the ARANA method of coagulation and oxidation of additives is used so that dissolved organics get oxidized and coagulated into iron and manganese, and transformed into compounds which cannot be dissolved. This process also sterilizes the water, attacking the cellular walls of microorganisms, which cannot survive exposure to sufficient amounts of advanced oxidation.

Modern Ecologically Clean Water

Modern ecologically clean methods of water treatment, especially ozonation and membrane technologies, achieve the best results in sterilizing water with minimal size, minimal expense and maximum simplicity of the system. Such results are achievable with an explicit synergistic effect stemming from a combination of oxidizing and membrane technologies, such as the technology patented and used by ARANA.


Ozone (an active form of oxygen) is a powerful short-lived oxidizer. Its lifetime in water does not exceed a few minutes and, therefore, its use as an oxidizer guarantees ecological cleanliness of the technology at maximum effectiveness. The unique quality of ozone guarantees zero presence of toxic components, like those required if chlorine or KMnO4 (i.e., Kalii permanganas) based reagents are used.  ARANA uses no harmful chemicals, and the patented ozone generation processes of ARANA are the most efficient and reliable in the world.


Filtration of non-dissolvable products of oxidation, and of suspended and colloidal particles using ultrafiltration membranes is the simplest and most reliable method of mechanical water treatment. This method is much more effective than settling, filtration, or contact coagulation of water. The dimensions of filtered particles using this technology are incomparably smaller. ARANA’s ozone-based technology, together with ultrafiltration devices, are much smaller in size and simpler in operations in comparison to other technologies and devices. This factor allows large-scale water treatment entities to significantly lower expenditures, both in construction and in long-term operations.

"The most reliable, low maintenance, and cost-effective municipal drinking water systems possible"


ARANA Water Technologies, LLC has methodically developed the best water treatment system and is now offering this system for a variety of applications, especially municipal drinking water treatment.  The system is reliable, requires a small footprint, and is approximately one tenth the operating cost of traditional water treatment systems.


An ARANA system would save a municipality millions of dollars in operating costs, provide a smaller, more reliable, and more thorough cleaning system, and do all of this in a green manner, with much lower electricity usage and no harmful chemicals to sterilize.  In all respects, the ARANA Water Technologies, LLC water treatment technologies are the best option for water treatment systems.