"The most promising methodology to treat wastewater and desalinate water seems to be with an ARANA patented technology.


The concept of this technology is to treat water with salts and other contaminants and then to recuperate much of energy spent on treatment."

Industrial Water


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    ARANA scientists and engineers have designed and patented a complex system harnessing the existing energy from a refinery's processes to recycle the majority of waste water with virtually a zero net energy process.


    The commercially usable system is a complex process, with a number of delicate features all of which must be well balanced against each other, with the equipment to be used and the processes needing to work concurrently with energy consumption and recuperation processes, but it is viable and stable once implemented and operating.

    Other recycling and waste water treatment processes can utilize ARANA's advanced oxidation technologies as the application dictates, and ARANA systems are in operations oxidizing effluent gases.


    ARANA scientists and engineers are experienced and have long track records in ascertaining industrial treatment needs, designing the technological application, and implementing the system as necessary.