ARANA’s patented technology, capable of sterilizing food products by ecologically clean means without chemicals or heating, is very attractive in many branches of industry. This technology is beneficial for increasing the shelf life of refrigerated products, fruits, vegetables, meats, etc.  This sterilization is also useful for preparation of foods which do not need thermal treatment, like Japanese dishes (i.e., sushi, sashimi, etc.)  ARANA’s primary technology for sterilization and prolonging shelf life uses ozonated water with regulated residual ozone concentrations.  Rinsing products with ozonated water provides the required degree of sterilization at the surface and sufficient removal of ethylene without any harmful side effects to the quality of the product - like taste, smell, appearance, etc.  After a short time all of the residual ozone in these droplets of water turn into oxygen without leaving any traces on products.


ARANA recently performed tests on treating ground beef with ozonated water in comparisons with acidified sodium chloride (ASC) at a meat processing facility.  The ARANA technicians, working with the facility’s technicians, infused comparable amounts of ozonated water to ASC and had an untreated control sample.  The ozone infused water greatly surpassed ASC in log reduction and now has garnered attention from people in the industry.  ARANA management is now negotiating with Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi for a sponsored research program targeting ozonated water as an agent for chemical-free sterilization of meats and produce.


ARANA management has also met with a food retailer's laboratories to discuss the ozonation of ice used in meat and seafood displays.  It is believed that ozonated ice will act as a continuous sterilizer and odor control catalyst.  ARANA has designed a system to effectively infuse water fed into an icemaker to maximize ozone retention in the ice making process.  In simple economic discussions, if the ozonated ice allows meat and seafood departments to replace ice every other day versus the current daily replacing, the retailer will save over two million dollars per year just in manpower costs.  Other applications are being discussed and negotiated.