Desalination must be a mechanical process and ARANA’s patented technologies cannot effectively treat seawater on a molecular level only.  But the patented advanced oxidation, coagulation, and ultrafiltration processes of ARANA greatly improve the efficiencies of desalination.  ARANA processes are able to remove suspended solids, turbidity, biologicals and biofilms, and metals - virtually all contaminants - and reduces salts, so the mechanical process of reverse osmosis salt removal operates much more efficiently and cost effectively.


ARANA is able to expose seawater to a two-step process:

1) Advanced oxidation (AO), with a patented ozone-generating technology and; 2) ARANA’s 3-in-1, a combination of ozone, a specific wavelength of UV, and ultrasound - all in one reaction zone.  These treatment processes kill all biologicals without chemicals and flocculate (coagulate) contaminants.  This water is then run through ultrafiltration (UF) membranes via another patented process and clean, reduced salt, brine water is delivered to reverse osmosis for desalination.


ARANA has proven that its water pretreatment process can improve the average flow rate of reverse osmosis, greatly improve the useful life of RO membranes, reduce chemical costs, and the costs of membrane regeneration.  All major contaminants that make RO more costly are removed with a patented, proven process that is chemical free, renewable (ultrafiltration membranes can be back-flushed), and very energy efficient.  The projected average total cost for ARANA desalinated water is approximately $2.85 per thousand gallons of water.


ARANA water treatment systems used in conjunction with reverse osmosis decrease desalination costs by approximately thirty to fifty percent.  For any large-scale application needing to desalinate millions of gallons of seawater daily, those savings are substantial.  The desired price points for cost-effective desalination vary depending on location and municipalities, but a thirty to fifty percent decrease in current costs is a step in the right direction.  Additionally, ARANA physicists and engineers have other cost-saving suggestions regarding large-scale desalination systems.