A modern system for carwash water recycling which provides the necessary removal of unwanted substances while maintaining operations with minimal maintenance is needed for car washes. This system should minimize water replacement and provide a high degree of wastewater cleansing before eventual disposal into city sewers to fulfill regulatory mandates. Even tougher requirements for disposing liquids into natural water sources are nearly impossible to satisfy compared to clean, environmentally friendly, and economical carwash water recycling.  ARANA Water Technologies, LLC can fulfill these requirements.


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    A recycling water treatment system must satisfy rigid requirements for the whole spectrum of additives, such as colloidal particles, synthetic surface active substances, hydrocarbons, etc. Modern technologies include membrane ultrafiltration, ozone water treatment and methods of coagulation, stimulated by ozonation, which replaced flotation based methods, precipitation tanks, etc. These new technologies are necessary when strict requirements for dissolved and colloidal additives are imposed.


    Basic Features of an ARANA System


    Water is taken for treatment from the primary precipitation tank (or tanks) which are not a part of the system. Precipitation tanks are necessary for removal of large colloidal particles before water enters the system. A centrifugal filter for rough treatment is located at the entrance of the water treatment system. Filtered large particles then are returned back to the precipitation tank. Water passed through the centrifugal filter goes to the ultrafiltration membrane. After going through the ultrafiltration 1mkm membrane, the remaining colloidal particles and macromolecular compounds are removed, and water goes into two containers with clean water.


    Water is then treated by ozone in the clean water tanks for deeper oxidation of dissolved synthetic surface active substances not captured by the membrane. The specific dosage of ozone in the second tank is several times larger than in the first one for deeper treatment of water. The recycled water from the first tank is used for car washing and from the second tank for car rinsing. The cleaning/rinsing of ultraviolet membranes is done by deeply treated water with residual ozone for the prevention of biofilm formation and secondary contamination of the clean surface of the membrane. The amount of water used for membrane rinsing is only a few percent of total recycled water and must be brought in from an outside source.




    Basic Data of the ARANA System:


    Water Consumption for Car Washing (six stations):

    5 m3/hr


    Parameters of the Device, Area Required:

    15 m2


    Energy Consumption:

     No more than 5 kwt

Car Wash

Water Recycling