ARANA Water Technologies, LLC is a Texas company with patented water treatment technologies for municipal drinking water, industrial, oilfield, remediation, recycling, and desalination applications.  The ARANA water treatment technologies are dis-ruptive and change the water treatment and steri-lization industries as they currently exist.  Chemical and energy-intensive traditional technologies will become obsolete as the ARANA technologies gain prominence in the industry.  ARANA systems are demonstrably more economical, efficient, and reliable than traditional technologies.  Furthermore, ARANA water treatment technologies are green - accomplishing water treatment objectives with no chemicals and low energy consumption.


Water Treatment Issues





Water has recently been described as the next oil, and demand is only increasing.  Th ability to better treat drinking water and recycle water is a primary goal of industries and governments throughout the world.  Water treatment must deal with a number of potential perils resulting from the movement of water from its source to our tap, from flowback and produced water in the oilfield, from industrial and municipal waste water, from remediating contaminated water, and from desalinating seawater in an economical manner.  To date, no one company or technology has been able to address the need for the diverse nature of contaminated water and the ability to recycle.


ARANA has developed and patented multiple revolutionary processes that treat water, exposing advanced oxidation to biologicals, contaminants and other organic substances, sterilizing the water and oxidizing / coagulating contaminants; then combining patented ultrafiltration processes (and/or other filtration processes) to achieve desired levels of water sterilization, treatment, and/or recycling in a non-chemical, “green” manner.


Water Treatment Issues

The most common water treatment and sterilization process utilizes coagulation (also called flocculation), sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection.  Water treatment and sterilization for municipal applications in a fixed location with relatively stable water qualities are established and performing adequately.  Ozonation and UV are the primary sterilization methods and coagulation for improved filtration is typically performed with chemical additives.  When chloramines and fluorides are added to drinking water, the taste and arguably, the safety, of its consumers is affected.  Less chemicals in flocculation and sterilization processes would make water safer, cleaner, and more palatable for consumers.

There is no cost-effective, reliable wastewater recycling system for broad applications.  Reverse osmosis is a primary technology but requires high maintenance and usually cannot meet the flow demands.  The operating costs of RO are seldom cost-effective for large-scale applications.  Chemical treatment combined with filtration sometimes works but often contaminants are replaced with chemicals, simply replacing one problem with a lesser one.  Business and government need a cost-effective, reliable, non-chemical water recycling system capable of safely returning waste water into a reusable commodity.  To date, this has not been accomplished.

ARANA has incorporated its patented ozonation systems into commercially viable applications for municipal, manufacturing, refining, oilfield, and residential water treatment.  ARANA has also recently patented a new water treatment technology combining 3 proven water treatment technologies into one reactor (the “3 in 1” System) for an even better water treatment process for many applications.  The ARANA patented ozonation systems have been successfully used in Russia and Eastern Europe, have a proven track record, and are now poised to enter the U.S. and world markets.  The ARANA technical team is arguably the most knowledgeable group in ozone generating and water treatment, and their expertise is continually designing new applications for targeted markets.  These systems are sometimes portable and are scalable to any desired flow rate.

The most common water treatment and sterilization process utilizes coagulation (also called flocculation), sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection.  ARANA’s patented ozonation technologies can perform the primary steps in this process - coagulation and disinfection - better than any current technologies.  Ozone is a powerful flocculent, with the O3 molecules aggressively seeking contaminants to bond with which creates larger molecules for filtration.  Ozone is also an excellent sterilization vehicle, with no living microorganisms being able to survive the ozone water infusion process.  The patented ARANA ozone generating system can produce virtually unlimited amounts of ozone utilizing ambient air without all of the ancillary systems, such as air dryers and blowers.  Consequently, ARANA ozone generating and 3 in 1 systems can be constructed, installed, and operated less expensively than traditional technologies.  The ARANA systems have fewer moving parts, require less maintenance, are more reliable, and operate with a fraction of the power requirements compared to traditional ozone generating systems.

Capabilities of ARANA Water Technologies, LLC


Markets of ARANA Water Technologies, LLC

ARANA’s patented ozone generating technology will gain a large market share as the drinking water industry becomes more knowledgeable of ARANA's capabilities.  ARANA’s municipal drinking water system applications will replace chemical-dependent and more expensive systems.


ARANA residential water treatment systems oxidize and remove toxins, chloramines and certain other contaminants, and when combined with ultra -filtration, virtually all drinking water impurities are removed.




ARANA has two patents for treating wastewater with ozone, with specific applications for the oilfield (frac and produced water), industrial (currently designing a wastewater and desalination system for a major U.S. refinery), and water intensive manufacturing (textiles, plastics, etc).


ARANA has recently designed an ozone water infusion system for enhanced in situ uranium ore recovery, to greatly increase uranium production from the oxidation leaching process.  The ARANA-patented pulse dielectric barrier discharge (Pulse DBD) can generate ozone under pressure, enabling for ozone infusion into pressurized water injection systems.

"The bottom line is that ARANA Water Technologies, LLC now has arguably the best overall water treatment technologies capable of performing water disinfection, purification, recycling, and many other applications, for many industries, more reliably and cost effectively than any other current technologies."